( – The USDA released its June Planted Acreage Report with some caveats. U.S. farmers still have 3.36 million acres of corn to plant and 12.8 million soybean acres. Corn planted area for all purposes is currently estimated at 91.5 million acres, down three percent, or three million acres, from last year. Soybean planted area for 2024 is estimated at 86.1 million acres, up three percent from 2023. The all-wheat planted area for 2024 is estimated at 47.2 million acres, down five percent from last year. The 2024 winter wheat planted area, at 33.8 million acres, is down eight percent from last year and one percent from the previous estimate. Of this total, about 24.1 million acres are Hard Red Winter, 6.14 million acres are Soft Red Winter, and 3.59 million acres are white winter. The all-cotton planted area for 2024 is estimated to be 11.7 million acres, up 14 percent from last year.