WASHINGTON, D.C. (NAFB) – Lawmakers this week in the House and Senate introduced the Fair Sugar Policy Act of 2021 to reform the federal sugar support program.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey and Democrat Jeanne Shaheen introduced the bill in the Senate. In the House, North Carolina Republican Virginia Foxx, and Democrat Danny Davis introduced the bill. The lawmakers say the federal sugar support program currently costs consumers and businesses as much as $4 billion per year.

Specifically, the legislation would lift restrictions on the domestic supply of refined sugar. The bill would also reduce taxpayer liability for sugar processor loan forfeitures and ensure that the impact on consumers, manufacturers and farmers is taken into account when the USDA administers the sugar program.

Finally, the bill would reduce market distortions caused by sugar import quotas. Toomey states, “It is long past time we reform this corporate welfare program that jacks up food prices while threatening thousands of good-paying jobs.”