(NewsDakota.com/NAFB) – U.S. farm cash receipts from animals and animal products totaled $195.8 billion in 2021, led by receipts for cattle and calves at $72.9 billion, or 37 percent.

USDA’s Economic Research Service reports that poultry and egg products made up the next largest share of 2021 cash receipts at $46.1 billion, or 24 percent, followed by dairy at $41.8 billion, or 21 percent, hogs at $28.0 billion or 14 percent, and other animals and animal products at $7.0 billion, at four percent.

As part of its Farm Income and Wealth Statistics data product, in late August or early September each year, the Economic Research Service releases estimates of the prior year’s farm sector cash receipts from agricultural commodity sales.

The data provided includes cash receipt estimates by type of commodity, which can help in understanding the U.S. farm sector. The estimates may be revised as new information becomes available.